Ep. 007 – “Bat in the Belfry”

Holy new episode, TMNT Fans!

(So sorry for the extra long delay!)

Welcome back to another episode of BooyakaShow! In this week’s episode I breakdown the very Batman ’66 inspired “Bat in the Belfry” (“bat” is even in the title). Listen in as I discuss April doing Gollum impressions, Mikey’s comic books coming to life, and a character from Ninja Turtle history who gets a caped crusader style makeover.

This is the last episode before Nick’s TMNT goes on their usual mini-hiatus. So be prepared to go through some backlogging with me as I do episodes of the podcast based on older episodes of the show, so BooyakaShow! can have a complete archive. Stay tuned for those, but in the meantime enjoy our recap/review of “Bat in the Belfry”!

– Zach

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Thanks again for all the listens, everyone! It means the world to me. Stay tuned!

Ep. 006 – “Mutant Gangland”

What’s up everybody?

Thanks for joining us as we continue to play catch up! This episode is a review of Nickelodeon’s TMNT episode, “Mutant Gangland”. The power struggle in the city continues to shift and evolve during Shredder’s absence and the Turtles and the Mighty Mutanimals get caught up in a fight for survival against Don Vizioso and his gang. The Don has anti-mutant weaponry, but the Turtles have each other – even after Raphael quits for the 27th time. Check out our latest recap/review to see what we thought.

BooyakaShow! is growing slowly, but surely – and I’m so thankful and excited for that! Thanks to all the listeners and fans who’ve jumped on board. Your support means a lot! BooyakaShow! has listeners all over the country, and even a few from all over the world! THAT’S SO CRAZY! I’m incredibly humbled by the numbers and places I’ve seen in the stats, and I can’t wait to see it grow. Thanks again, everyone! Take care.

– Zach

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Ep. 004 – “The Insecta Trifecta”

Hey there Turtles Fans! (buzz buzz)

This week’s episode has a pest problem. In “The Insecta Trifecta”, the Turtles team takes on Baxter Stockman and his new goons in a disgustingly fun and action packed episode. Stockman Fly tries to make friends (literally), Raph fights his fears, Donnie decks the team out with some new gear, and Shredder does an X-Men impression.

Thanks for tuning in! (buzz buzz)

– Zach
(buzz buzz)

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Ep. 003 – “Broken Foot”

And we’re back!

This week’s episode breaks down “Broken Foot”, an episode that has more fight scenes in 30min than Batman V Superman has in its entire 3hrs. This episode is packed with action as Leo gets caught up in Karai’s battle for vengeance. His heart is in the right place, but his actions may not get him or his family the results they want. The Turtles tangle with Tiger Claw and Shredderbots, Leo goes emo, and Karai can’t stay out of trouble.

(On a recording/editing note, either I’m reading too fast or I’m getting too good at editing. This is our shortest episode yet. That may have to do with the fact that the episode is almost entirely action scenes, but I’ll make a point to focus on pacing my content. I’m still learning and I appreciate you guys for taking the ride with me! Also, SOUNDBITES! They’re rough, but they’ll get better. Thanks again, everyone!)

– Zach

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BooyakaShow! A TMNT Podcast

What’s up Ninja Turtle Fans?

Welcome to booyakashow.com, the home of the BooyakaShow! Podcast! My name is Zach Norris, and I’m the host. Our podcast is dedicated to delivering episode by episode breakdowns of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on Nickelodeon. We’ll also work to keep fans up to date on news from in and around the TMNT world as well as conducting interviews with the many creators/contributors behind the Turtles media we know and love.

The site is a work in progress, so don’t fall in love with the basic setup just yet. Or do fall in love, just know that it’ll slowly but surely get changed and upgraded. Also, this is my first time running a podcast, so bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of podcasting and get used to spreading my voice all over the internet.

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