Ep. 003 – “Broken Foot”

And we’re back!

This week’s episode breaks down “Broken Foot”, an episode that has more fight scenes in 30min than Batman V Superman has in its entire 3hrs. This episode is packed with action as Leo gets caught up in Karai’s battle for vengeance. His heart is in the right place, but his actions may not get him or his family the results they want. The Turtles tangle with Tiger Claw and Shredderbots, Leo goes emo, and Karai can’t stay out of trouble.

(On a recording/editing note, either I’m reading too fast or I’m getting too good at editing. This is our shortest episode yet. That may have to do with the fact that the episode is almost entirely action scenes, but I’ll make a point to focus on pacing my content. I’m still learning and I appreciate you guys for taking the ride with me! Also, SOUNDBITES! They’re rough, but they’ll get better. Thanks again, everyone!)

– Zach

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Intro Song : “Pump It” by Tyler Twombly (with edits by me)