Ep. 002 – “City At War”


Our second episode! Welcome back Turtle Fans. Turns out, the second episode of BooyakaShow! is about a first episode (kind of). In today’s show, I discuss the first episode of the second half of season four – it’s not as confusing as it sounds – an episode titled “City At War”. Dig in with me as we witness April claim a new title, we meet a new character, Tiger Claw gets kicked by a dragon, and something is afoot (pun intended).


– Zach

P.S. Happy Birthday to my youngest brother, Lazarus! I love you, dude!

P.P.S. Soundbites are coming SOON! I’m worried I may be a bit boring by myself, so I’m going to work on adding snippets and/or quotes from the show to the podcast. I’m improving my recording and editing habits, skills, and techniques every episode. I promise I’ll get better and as a result, the show will get better!

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Intro Song : “Pump It” by Tyler Twombly (Edits by Me)

Ep. 001 – The Intro Episode

What’s good, Shell Heads?

Thanks for joining me for the DEBUT episode! It’ll be the first of many, so hopefully I make a strong enough impression to keep you guys coming back. You’ll hear more than a handful in the episode, so please forgive me any quirks and/or hiccups as I get the show up and running. I’m still learning!

In this episode I discuss, embarrassingly enough, myself. I try to give you guys a mini rundown on who I am and why I’m beginning this journey as a podcaster. You’ll learn more and more about me as time goes on, but this’ll be good for starters. The other main goal of the premier episode is to get you guys acquainted with how I plan to run the show. I do my best to explain how I’m gonna set up and pace each show, what I’ll do with our time, and what I hope to do going forward. It’s exciting stuff! Really though, the point of this episode is to give you guys an introductory experience and set up the future of the show.

I’d like to give a couple personal shout outs for this first episode. Many, many thanks to the people who helped me get this podcast going. I want to thank my wonderful fiancé Katie for her patience and support. I want to thank my friend Jay Huggins for answering questions and being encouraging. I owe a BIG thanks and probably a little cash to my friend Gilbert Benavidez for supplying me with the quick logo treatments. Thanks to my friends and co-workers at 9Five Eyewear for encouraging me to pursue my interests and also paying me enough to do so. Thanks to everyone else that’s been friendly, supportive, and encouraging!

– Zach

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Intro Song : “Pump It” by Tyler Twombly (with edits for time by me)

BooyakaShow! A TMNT Podcast

What’s up Ninja Turtle Fans?

Welcome to booyakashow.com, the home of the BooyakaShow! Podcast! My name is Zach Norris, and I’m the host. Our podcast is dedicated to delivering episode by episode breakdowns of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on Nickelodeon. We’ll also work to keep fans up to date on news from in and around the TMNT world as well as conducting interviews with the many creators/contributors behind the Turtles media we know and love.

The site is a work in progress, so don’t fall in love with the basic setup just yet. Or do fall in love, just know that it’ll slowly but surely get changed and upgraded. Also, this is my first time running a podcast, so bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of podcasting and get used to spreading my voice all over the internet.

Our first episode should be up soon, so stay posted and share the site with other Turtle fans! Thanks!

– Zach