Ep. 011 – “Kagayake! Kintaro”

Welcome back, Turtle Fans!

In this week’s pod we take a closer look at the last episode in the Nickelodeon Usagi arc, “Kagayake! Kintaro”. According to Google translate, “kagayake” means “shine” in Japanese. The Turtles and Usagi traverse some treacherous landscapes, chase cats in the snow (kind of), and have one last showdown with the sinister Jei. Does Kintaro end up shining? You’ll have to listen to find out! I also talk about Turtle toys, IDW’s latest achievement with TMNT #73, and the TMNT x Pintrill collaboration pins. Hit play and listen up!

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Thanks, everyone!
– Zach

Intro/Outro Music : “Pump It” by Tyler Twombly