Ep. 005 – TMNT Comics Review #1


We’re back, Turtle Fans! Sorry for the delay. I had some family in town for Labor Day weekend and while it was great having visitors and we were productive around the house, my podcasting schedule got set back BIG time. I’m still playing catch up and I apologize for that, but we’ll be back on schedule sometime this week!

This week’s episode is our FIRST COMIC BOOK EPISODE! Listen along as I breakdown the latest two issues of TMNT comics, TMNT #61 and TMNT Universe #1. These two issues were awesome and they’ve turned out to be great books to kick off our comic book review episodes. I’m excited to keep these episodes going, so I hope you dig ’em.

Thanks again for your patience, guys and girls! I appreciate it. Take care!

– Zach

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