Comic Book Episode(s) Plans

What’s up Everybody?

Just wanted to throw a quick post out about my plans on how I’m going to tackle comic book episodes. As I said in the Intro Episode, I plan on doing comic book reviews of the ongoing TMNT series from IDW and also checking in on mini-series and other things they produce. Well, we’re in luck ‘cos the good folks at IDW are about to start a second Ninja Turtles ongoing title called “TMNT Universe” and it releases next week!

According to the team at IDW, the goal of the book will be to focus on and expand the world and other characters that fill the TMNT world. The series will have a rotating creative team, letting different artists and writers get a crack at producing Ninja Turtles stories.

I was originally going to record an episode with a review of TMNT #61 this week, but figured that with TMNT Universe dropping a week later I should just wait and let my comic book episode(s) have a little more content. So, my plan for now is to have the comic book episodes of the podcast contain the reviews for both series – book release dates permitting. If the releases stay within a week of each other than it won’t be a problem. If they start to get further apart than that, I may have to switch things up. We’ll see though.

I can’t wait to get into the first comics episode, but for now you’ll have to keep listening and enjoying the Nick show reviews. Thanks to any and all listeners! Your time, energy, and support is deeply appreciated!

– Zach