Ep. 008 – BooyakaShow! is Back!

What’s up Turtle Fans? Did you miss the show?

Well I’m back! Zach here, and BYS is making a return to the podcast world with this latest episode. I talk about why the show disappeared and why I’ve jumped back behind the mic. On top of that, I give you guys a mini recap of my SDCC 2017 experience and talk about some Turtle toys that I’m hyped on. Forgive me for the “roughness” of this episode. It’s been a while since I’ve recorded and edited anything, so I’m working on getting my mojo back. This episode is a bit all over the place, but I’ll sharpen up as we go along. Jump back on the BooyakaShow! train and ride with us!

Shout Outs & Notes :

Thanks to the following people for making SDCC awesome : Rachel West (IG – @superrachgirl), JC Lopez (IG – @knives_n_tingz), Jon at Nickelodeon, and can’t forget the homie TJ Shevlin (@strsmydestination).

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Instagram : @ZOSOtmnt

Intro/Outro Song : “Pump It” by Tyler Twombly